Sofia Härdig has undone the nicely tied bow on her new single Streets. It opens with distorted guitars and her voice that pouts and purrs in spurts, then coos and roars in others. Streets is a midtempo passionate rock burner. Drums tumble. Guitar shred. But the star of this track is Hârdigs vocal performance.

There are moments when she submits herself to subdued, intimate phrases; gentle confessions like “To the day, we are…” And then in others she hollows out long pained notes that reach deep into her gut to pull out honest emotion. And the opening riffs of the guitar are like the garnish to this plate she serves scorching hot.

What are the streets? “Sky above. Streets below. Echo in your name…Leave it to the other girls.” The streets are heartbreak and disappointment. And when the drums pick up and a series of backing vocals haunting support Härdigs lead, theres no denying the streets are memories of some foolish lover.
Sofia Härdig is yet another brilliant export from the flock of Scandinavian gems. Her 2-part EP The Streetlight That Leads To The Sea releases later this year. Hear The Streets here first.