Ande Bishop has been steadily gaining recognition from some of the biggest names in Hip Hop. The producer turned rapper has managed to create a buzz around his name with his debut EP ‘Ocean$’. Through the underground success of the EP, Ande Bishop has been a guest on one of the most oldest and illustrious Hip Hop radio stations in the States, Hot 97, and has seen the likes of Rick Ross show his music some love via social media. We sat down with the Southern rapper, to see what he makes of his musical journey so far and his plans for the future.

ROUGH UK:  How did it feel to see your latest single ‘Old Jay Z Videos’ get such a positive response from an artist like Rick Ross?

ANDE BISHOP: It was really dope, Ross is one of my favourite rappers ever, and to get his attention was one of the most gratifying moments of my career so far.  Ive had people from his label reach out to me before, so it wasnt super shocking, but still fulfilling nonetheless.

R.U :  What made you decide to start rapping rather than just stick to producing?

A.B: I felt like I had to test myself, production is cool, but I wasnt feeling challenged by it anymore, and I had a plethora of good ideas Id been sitting on, so I decided to release a few loosies, and the reaction was genuinely surprising, so I decided to go full steam.

R.U: Which artists would you compare your sound to?

A.B: Its so early in its hard for me to say.  Ive heard I sound similar to Big Boi from Outkast, Isaiah Rashad, Falolous, even T.I.  But I dont hear any of them, but they all influenced me at some point.

R.U: How did it feel to get invited on to Hot97? Did you feel validated as a rapper?

A.B: It was amazing, my labelmate Londn Blue made Hot97 last summer during his False Hope campaign, so I knew it could be done.  But to make it myself was crazy, and theyve reached back out again for my next single, so Im excited.
Ande Bishop – ‘Old Jay Z videos’

R.U: We hear the Ocean$ EP was recorded in a really short space of time. Tell us about the process.


It was a long 3 days, I really just got the urge to compile the EP and make it cohesive as possible.  It turned out good, based off of the reception and new fans Ive gained, but with my next release Im going to really take my time, probably take about a month and really think it out.

R.U: They have attracted a lot of public attention to all the various releases including your own. Is the fanbase mainly in the South, or does it appear to be wider than that?

A.B: Yeah its spreading faster than we imagined, we have a nice sized European fanbase as well.  Id say the cities we seem to have the most fans in would be Houston, Atlanta, and London.  Ive had several people from the Carolinas start to follow me as well.

R.U:  Any other artists to look out for?

A.B: Yeah, the other 3 guys on the roster (Play, Tajee, and Londn).  All 4 of us have a release planned for the summer, so were praying for a real breakthrough to who our sound reaches.

R.U:  Any plans on releasing an album at some point?

A.B: Oh yeah, of course.  Not this year, just EPs and Mixtapes, I dont feel like Ive found my sound enough to put an “Official LP” onto shelves yet.  But I do know itll be titled “BISHOPIZM”, which is an ode to Erykah Badus “BADUIZM”.  I know for a fact thatll be the title of my first full-length LP.
Ocean$ is available on iTunes.  Make sure to follow Ande Bishop on Twitter @Ande_Bishop.