Four piece outfit Chirping emerges with a lovely birdsong of sorts- “A Warning of Sorts” to be precise. It pulses at the vibrant speed of light with the uber uptempo drums and those crazily bright guitars.
Chirping’s new song hits us optimistically with a catchy refrain that asks “Wouldn’t you like to go, go, go?” It the top’s down on the convertible, the wind’s blowing through our hair and this lovely number is pumping from the radio– the answer is emphatically yes.

We’d love to go anywhere this band is serving up scrumptious musical dishes like this. In fact they have a few UK dates on tap. So there’s no time like the present to see what they’ve got brewing under the hood live in concert.
Seeing them live will confirm in your mind that they are every bit the breath of fresh air we heard beaming from our speakers in the office. They’re certainly a nod to 1975, Bastille and in my personal opinion the crazy good wave of cool UK indie bands that exploded in the early 2000s. They’re gentle, then they’re raucous. They’re friendly, and yet there’s some edge and spice to this catchy track. Simply put: we like them lots.
“A Warning of sorts” becomes available everywhere April 20th.