My heart is a freediver

in the blue

Gained my treasures from her laughter

Now I’m ruined

Linn Öberg is a bird on a wire. A revelation of song, twanging from the delicate strings of her acoustic guitar. Somewhere in between the wistful phrases that hum on her new single Freediver, the singer-songwriter finds a way to tug at the listener’s heartstrings.

The new single is equal parts triumphant and heartbreaking. It soars from the exiting chorus, throbbing percussion, rising backing vocals and anthem-like refrain. And it disturbs with her lilting, almost faltering voice and simple acoustic arrangement. She starts small and goes big. And the result is painfully good. It’s an intimate, midtempo affair. Ballad-like. Sullen. Hopeful.

Why you will love this track? Who doesn’t have a story about heartache? This is the soundtrack to your story. But it’s not the kind of song that will leave you weeping (not completely). By the song’s uplifting final turn, you’ll find yourself tapping your feet to the moving undertow of percussion, synths, vocals and that singular guitar that carries out that same hymnlike chord progression. This is the kind of song that can be therapeutic and magical. Trust me. It is.

The Swedish songbird’s new single Freediver is out now. And expect to see her new album When You Go impacting February 18th. Check out Linn Öberg’s Freediver on Spotify at Linn Öberg – Freediver