Robert Dietz is no stranger to the electronic music scene. But sometimes familiarity needs its own butt kicked. So Dietz has endeavored to launch a new label that gives a great big warm bear hug to experimentation. The idea behind Truth Be Told is to welcome artists of varying musical shades and grades that are bold enough to go beyond the periphery of everyday musical fare and take a risk.

Take for instance Dietz’s Radio Raheem, 6 minutes of audio adventure and escapism, woven into flapping and slapping electronic beats and whirring sounds that jump from the left ear to the right. It’s funky and eclectic, even strange and moody. It’s the kind of soundscape that certainly fits the tapestry of all the hip Berlin clubs and bars only those in the know venture to. It’s cinematic.

For Dietz’s part, the German producer and now label head will launch TBT’s first release January 19th. Digital releases are already in the stratosphere. But vinyl gets its own coming out date. The push is a grand gesture to give underground house more leg room to strut and get some of the musical spotlight.

Radio Raheem is a brilliant introduction to those of us who may be wondering what Dietz has on tap for the label.