A.P.C. have collaborated with designer Vanessa Seward on a 19-piece capsule collection for Autumn/Winter 2012.

Meeting through a mutual admiration for each other’s designs, A.P.C. designer Jean Touitou and Vanessa Sewards collaboration seems like a case natural progression.

As  with A.P.C. the fabrics are key to this collection; retaining the spirit of each designer Jean and Vanessa sourced fabric from the archive holders of what used to be Soieries Abraham, the clean lines of A.P.C .mixed with Vanessas love of glamour and dressing. Vanessas style gives the A.P.C. look much more femininity, a sexier edge without the use of tailoring, the waist for example is always belted and higher while the shoulder remains narrower and dainty, “quiet glamour” as A.P.C like to call it.

Fabrics used in the collection are of the highest-quality while remaining true to A.P.C.s philosophy and awareness of the fashion societys economy at this time; finished garments have been produced in artisan units in Italy and France.


Items include tops, tunic dresses, blouse dresses and an all in one short playsuit.