4 Beauty trends that steal scenes to borrow from Milan Fashion Week

After a series of shows aimed at a goal to come like you, Italy avoided any appearance of reduced beauty in favor of touches of modern glamor, trappings that catch the light and vivid bars of color that act as an antidote to aesthetics. indifference.

There is a Bob for all


The cuts cut to brush the jaw line returned with an individualized revenge in Milan, the transformations pivoting between the avant-garde style and the sensitivity of the moment, and totally polished. The model Stella Lucia offered another rebellious call over the neck to Roberto Cavalli, allowing the stylist Paul Hanlon to model his crumpled peroxide, of medium length for a back cut behind the stage, and whiten his previously dark roots, to boot. Just a few days before, the Moschino airstrip welcomed a “similar” Jackie Onassis parade, led by Kaia Gerber and her voluptuous wig coiled. The lesson? There is a place for everyone in the spectrum of closed crops.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Blowout is back

Rock 'n' Roll Blowout

The air-dried waves of recent seasons have officially found their stylized partner. The separate maids at the center in Versace were defined by their muted texture, softened crowns that gave way to slightly undone ends, the flying strands perfectly glued behind both ears in a spectacle of insouciance inspired by rockers. Call it the new header, if necessary.

Fiery Red is the hair color of the moment

Fiery Red

“Set on fire” is the mode of mane of the moment. What began as an unexpected success in Alexander Wang, where EZ changed his platinum for a ruddy repetition: “I think red is the color at this moment, it’s the one that everyone wants”, was the verdict of the model: snowball in a trio of similar metamorphoses; and, after all, three is a trend. At the Ashish show in London, a Kool-Aid mane was combined with a set of aviators at a shadow party. And as for Milan? Hanlon sought to transform Lina Hoss into a reincarnation of Ziggy Stardust, her cut of ruddy buzzing topped with a red mullet trompe l’oeil that was tinged with a fiery tangerine.

The decadent hair accessories are the new jewelry

The opulence encrusted with crystals characterized Gucci’s ornaments, where the diamond additions offered a reflective embellishment to shoulders, nipples and headdresses. The collection of contemporary crowns by Alessandro Michele was layered on the split hair at the center and the lace hijab alike, furrowing the brows and faces with a decadent and subversive sheen. Dolce also had her share of the flare, adding to her crowns and jeweled signature ornaments a galaxy of gleaming barrettes that served as the masterpiece of a model of luck: no jewelry is required.

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