It is a highly distinctive menswear brand that has precision and attention to detail led aesthetics. The brand in question is BLOOD BROTHER. Over time it has created a new breed of sportswear with that just appeals to a spectrum of men. Not forgetting as one of the most sought after menswear brand.

Known for its cutting edge approach to style and design, a trademark Blood Brothers is  known for. Which leads to delving into their Autumn Winter 2016 collection title Enlightenment. The collection is based on the inspiration of the industrial revolution in the 17th and 18th century. A period where there was a fierce dramatic shift in peoples everyday life and also seen as a period that  shaped the future of  Britain.  This also brings to mind when there were new modern factories and technological advances being introduced. A century where the enlightened few were at the forefront of civilisation hence the  brand draws inspiration to create a collection that embodies that period of time.

Boundaries  are  pushed in the form of introducing new purpose and mixing it with the old.  Nicholas Biela and James Waller, the founders and creative directors of Blood Brother celebrates the revolutionary ideas and willingness of those wanting to push boundaries as this has always been the DNA of the brand. The AW2016 collection positions the old and new, drawing parallels to out most recent space conquest, engineering feats, advances in medicine and most importantly the explosion of the  digital age.  We see fine bold statement polo necks, graphics with a tongue in cheek messages, which are sliced together into collages that hint at obscure scientific advancement.

As far as the above-mentioned inspiration goes of juxtapositioning the old and the new which is clearly achieved. Another area of success  of Blood Brother AW2016 collection is the colour palette. The gold glow representing the of the old  burnt umber chimney furnace and  blue of the deep heat on the molten metal.  Smart silhouettes and thick shearling coats punctuated by standout futuristic crushed silver bomber are some of the featured pieces in the collection.

Furthermore, another area of Blood Brother revolution with its AW2016 collection is the reimage of its classic joggers to a luxurious suede. Also, to depict the workmanship nature of the 17th and 18th century of the industrial time period, the brand is seen to have updated its sweater and Tshirt with pocket detailing.

Finally, this, in fact, goes to support the true essence of Blood Brother precision in able to innovate and push themselves in achieving a cutting edge and standout sartorial menswear collection.