Not much  is really talked about when it comes to fashion,talent and creativity with the Mediterranean side of the world. The West and pretty much the rest of the world somehow seem to not pay so much attention.
The Mediterranean as we have discovered is hiding a lot of non-discovered and talented fashion designers. It is about time that these unheard of talented creatives had their work exposed to the world to see. As Tina Pencinger puts it They need a push, a bit of the wind in their sales, to spread their talent around the world Tina is a fashion blogger who recently launched her fashion blog,  GOLDEN MED GIRL which is  solely dedicated to all things fashion when it comes to the Mediterranean. She hoping to use this newly launched platform to create the awareness and fiercely promote  the fashion talents and lifestyle in that part of the world which to her sometimes feels its either forgotten by the West.
It is also important to note that Tina through her blog aims to address her audience all around the world of the love for the uniqueness of style and fashion of the Mediterranean people which is linked to their sense of life. ROUGH UK delves in more in this exclusive Q&A with Tina
TINA PENCINGER: I follow fashion since I was a little girl. I was collecting Vogue magazine for years and since fashion and lifestyle blogs have appeared Ive been following it. At some stage, I have decided to write a blog and I do it in English to spread my fashion thoughts from Mediterranean to the rest of the world. I simply found a niche while researching the Mediterranean market. I live at the shore of Adriatic Sea as the part of Mediterranean. We simply live the Mediterranean life, we breathe it, we feel it. I thought why people around the world could not discover more about it through my blog.
ROUGH UK: Do you think the Mediterranean has a potential to have a bigger influence in worlds fashion?
T.P:  Definitely. The Mediterranean has a potential to leave a bigger trade in worlds fashion. As the entire world comes to Mediterranean for holidays and many even stay to live there, we should use that advantage in the area of fashion. There are numerous non-discovered fashion designers and artists that find their inspiration in Mediterranean. They just need a small push from their nest to make something big. Maybe even my blog could be a platform for them to present their work to the world. I always loved progressive people with original and creative ideas. They point themselves out among millions of others. They show how important their personality is and how different they area from copy/paste ideas from many shop windows. I find myself different and unique and I am trying to present such people on my blog.
ROUGH UK: Still, is Mediterranean fashion and lifestyle changing under influence from outside the region or it is still enough exotic and original?
T.P:  From my point of view I would say the Mediterranean lifestyle is changing. People in Croatia, for example, could not wait for Scandinavian company Ikea to come to Zagreb. They were waiting in queues to buy furniture. Architecture is also changing under influence from the rest of the continent. Fashion in Mediterranean sometimes becomes boring and of a mass production. There is no much individuality and personality.That might be one of the reasons why I decided to launch the blog to scream to the world that there is still some originality and magnificent beauty in Mediterranean. One needs only to find it, to discover it. And, here I participate from my side to help in that sense.
ROUGH UK: Is there a lack of projects in the Mediterranean area that connect Mediterranean as a region?
T.P:  Yes, indeed. When I think of Mediterranean there are very few projects that put the Mediterranean together as a region and to have a joint presentation towards the world. I know there were Mediterranean Games,then some other smaller projects. There is also Mediterranean Fashion Prize organized by Mediterranean Fashion Institute in Marseille. And thats it. Designers, models, artists, journalists, bloggers, entrepreneurs and others that participate in creating a lifestyle of 19 Mediterranean countries should cooperate more in presenting their work through joint projects. Thats to digitalisation the world is small, the life is fast and if better connected we could together do much more. And that way would do it on an easier way.