Italian base designer Olivia Carmignani has persistently blurred the lines dividing fashion and art. A young Italian bag brand with a sense of aesthetic conviction far beyond her years. While Olivias bags design is described as exquisite, her labour process of production is anything but basic and underscored by a refined formula of design. Olivia applauds tradition. The ‘Made in Italy’ DNA is anchored in the brand by an exhaustive approach to materiality, explosive sexuality through intelligent forms, sensual silhouettes.

“A particular model of bag, as well as the colours, ever exasperated, finely process complex. Everything is studied in detail, taking cues from what most attracts: nature. Nature in its artistic form, in its simplicity, in all its complexity, in what natural about ourselves we do every day”-Olivia Carmignani.

Olivia next move for her brand is to get her bag into a network of multi brand stores, where her customers can not only purchased online, but also to purchase our in stores where they can touch and smell their pieces.