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I have been taught never to allow myself to be a captive of the environment I find myself, for a while now I have become a willing slave to my captors. I don’t want to ever be free; the world of my captors has become my world and their family, my family. Like sin, this place, the journey has become part of me it will take only a miracle to shake me off from this spell that I love and makes me feel like the place I used to live where we were all little

Here I have found my vocation. Pursuit and pleasure. All in all this really is paradise except for one thing, desire is desire wherever you go, the sun will not bleach it nor the tides wash it away.

It is the freaking “made in Italy” effects, for some people it is all about the tangibles, the high quality made in Italy bags, shoe, clothes and the tasty food. For me is about the emotion the feeling you get from smell of a natural tan leather from Tuscany, the wake to the aroma of coffee from a coffee shop in Napoli, the feeling of happiness when you touch and feel genuine silk fabric in Como, the feasting on the large table with friends with each one of you laughing and helping each other out on the feasting table. This, is made in Italy; it is an emotion, an experience, but to the Italians it is a way of life, and these experiences is an infusion of history, love, happiness, culture all embedded in an edible bite, or in a shoe, a bag, a cloth so you feel the emotion, an experience you will never forget. I call it the made in Italy effect.

So when next you are in Italy do not be satisfied with the tags on that eye catchy bag, feel the emotions, feel the love, the years of experience put into creating that piece that have caught your attention, try to imagine the laborious hands putting the pieces together, be inspired.

Talking about being inspired Italian brands inspiring people with their stories and helping people go through emotional journey by aiming at perfection are:


Kilesa is end product of a passionate search for balance and beauty in a product that is elegant and refined. It present itself in extravagant colour and it is imaginative; each piece is a luxury item that best help determined women with self-confidence.

D’ASY Milano.

D’ASY Milano bags is a class without any ostentation; it is the current reinterpretation of the classic and custom, set out to deviate from pre-established models her designs are timeless and epitomize ‘made in Italy’. The brand is created by two friends who are inspired by the world of art and myth.

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The ANTIPINA BAGS is as embodiment of poetic curves and rustic antiquity, it is an expression of a woman’s passion and her inner beauty inspired by the beautiful city of Florence.



AELEONORE Research represent the classy Italian style it marries tradition with contemporaneity classicism and avant-garde design, the brand puts materials at the forefront to create a collection of bags and accessories that possess a fresh and extremely personal aesthetic with a strong ethos for made in Italy.

One advice, FEEL ITALY!