MORPHEW is the unique vintage brand with a twist. Pairing Vintage pieces and customized garments together – Giving Vintage a newfound sought after look! The collections include stunning silk Embroidered fringed Kimonos teamed with a customized original Chanel jacket. With an extensive range for all tastes and eras of vintage fashion, from a Yohji Yamamoto faux Fur jacket to a 1920’s beaded flapper dress and everything between the 1920s to the 1990s. Originating in their native New York, through their loyal client base they are now expanding into an international brand.

ROUGH UK: How would you describe your brand and customer?

MORPHEW: We have two different types of customer; our first has a very strong fashion sense and zest for fashion and life. The other is the woman who admires the vintage look,and also appeals to women who have a sense of history!

R.UK: In what direction would the brand like to go in?

MORPHEW: We hope to expand by having locations in Los Angeles and London

R.UK:What was the idea/inspiration behind the brand?

MORPHEW: Well we have a very art background I was born in the UK and brought up in Canada. My family was from New York and I went to school in Florida so very cultural and arts background, visited lots of museums my mother always carries two pairs of earrings in her purse you know she is that kind of woman.I have a lot of influences growing up around those different tastes and cultures and this is reflected in the Morphew brand.

For me it’s not about the labels as such it’s about the history of why they were wearing at the time and what was happening to women in that era. That’s what defines vintage fashion for me and that’s my passion. The world is a very sad and ugly place and we want to make it prettier one piece at a time.

We have such a rich history of the past, which I love sharing and awakening people to the beauty of bygone eras. So that it is inspirational to the future generations. That’s what drives me to bring it forward to the public.