Maria Francesca Milans motto is “live your life with humor, and a little bit of seduction”. Maria, a talented Italian designer,  created a brand that is all about  catching an experience and conveying it in the most original and suggestive shapes. Pouring her heart and soul into her collections, Maria creates the most femenine and exciting creations that empower women at every age. Maria has agreed to take some time to answer ROUGH UK quick Q&A.

ROUGH UK: Thank you for taking the time to answer our short Q&A. your Carousel of Life collection is full with wonderful prints and vibrant colors, constructed shapes and expressive textures. You were inspired by the many faces of a woman, at every age and the real essence of being a woman. How would you describe The Woman of your brand? Who do you design for?

MARIA FRANCESCA MILANI: In my collections, as you already said, the protagonist is the woman and her thousand faces .In Carousel of life I chose as inspiring muse Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini, a famous Italian fashion collector, because thank to her charm embodies the stereotype of woman i want to dress.

For me woman lives life with humor ,without giving up to seduction , wearing clothing that recall lingerie . A mix between vintage and modern, sportwear and haute couture, blended in an explosion of colours , for elegant woman but at the same time free from any society prejudice. Differently , shapes are inspired from iconical apparel of a tribe in Senegal .

 R.UK:  What is your inspiration for your next collection (2016)? What influences you?

M.F.M: For the new collection chic & shock I was inspired by a travel I took to New York ; I was  inspired by the American contemporary art, by geometrical shapes of the city, by a so urban style, that is so fashion and shocking at the same time. Eccentricity and simplicity that show in everyone the chic side of night life (elegant and glamour ) ..I found the right mix of elements that connects to my initial concept of style contamination .. I used it and i translated all these new styles mixing them thanks to my personal experience, touch.New York for me is life, i feel her strong and full of personality. What I want to communicate through my fabric printings is just this. Simple cuts, few tissue, overlap, the minimal, but at the same time something chic and sophisticated, taking care of each minimum details, of finishing, embroideries,

R.UK: How do you incorporate your rich Italian heritage into your designs? How do you mix that distinctive romantic and elegant, and oh-so-chic Italian flare and charisma with your designs and with modern shapes and fabrics?

M.F.M: For the creation of my collections I take my inspiration from the Ancient  Italian tailoring  tradition, in order to produce unique and customized clothing . To have a more fresh and contemporary mark, I enrich my clothing with embroideries and feathers. My idea is that of melt different styles in the same product, to combine the comfortable, practical style and something  that is elegant, glamour and exclusive at the same time , to allow every woman to be well dressed in each situation . This line has been designed for all-day woman , sporty and practical but also glamour and rebel .
R.UK: Can you describe your creative process? How do you transform an idea or an inspiration into a work of art, into a creation?

M.F.M: My projects springs up in the daily life, when I walk through the city, when I work ,when I play with my nephews… Its like an interior journey, a deep travel in my emotions , as joy, sadness, euphoria , anger.. I combine all these emotions and I connect them to a specific historical period, a strong concept, thanks to i convey all my feelings. Inspiration may start from an ethical tribe , or an important moment in our history or simply from our actuality. Then, ahead of my sheet I start drawing what I feel within. Sometimes my drawing dont have an immediate meaning , sometimes my ideas are immediately clear .

R.UK: What are your plans for your brand for the coming years? How do you see Maria Francesca Milani in 5 or 10 years from now?

M.F.M: In 5-10 years I see the realization of my dreams, a consolidated company,with the introduction of kid and Men collection
R.UK: What would be a normal, regular day at the office? What do you do when you first come into the office in the morning?

M.F.M: My working day is completely out of the office. I usually wake up early and after a quick bath and breakfast I go out with Viktor,  my lovely dog,to have a walk . This is a relaxing moment in which i only look all around me , to caught urban life around me , simply source of inspiration for me and my creations .Then I plan my visit to fabric companies , looking for exclusive and original materials , able to give a shape to my ideas .

Sometimes I only want to escape from ordinariness and I go to the train station and I take a train ,without a planned destination . Sometimes I visit other cities or visit Museum , Art galleries or fashion exhibitions , to keep me up to new trends. In the afternoon , when I come back to my office I make a rough sketch of new models and i let my emotions and ideas drive me to the final result .I think that office is not the best place to work , i.e. I love to draw on a train, in a bar, on a park bench.

R.UK: Whats on your playlist when you are designing?

M.F.M: When I create my collection usually I create in my office a relaxing atmosphere , thanks to natural sounds , or sometimes i listen music ,without genre preferences. So I can escape from the reality , melting my soul and my emotions in an unique project.