Scott Fraser Simpson is one of the few British designers whose products are 100% made in England. Having started in summer 2013, the Duffle Bag is just the beginning of the Scott Fraser collection, where multi- functional practicality is apparent. The ‘Retrospective Modernism’ concept is what influences the designer, as the heritage brand has a vintage yet modern feel. Exploring different materials, colour palettes and textures, Scott Simpson has a strong eye for detail which is reflected in his designs.

Men are increasingly focused on their appearance and Simpson picks up on that, by aiming to produce a collection that is suitable for all occasions. From work, to going to the gym or going to a bar, the gap between work and socialising is getting smaller for the modern man, and the Duffle Bag is just the start on catering for their needs. Adding a vintage vibe to a smart- casual clothes range, the Scott Fraser collection will be a clothing range that men will need to look out for. Plans to extend the Scott Fraser collection from bags to clothing are underway, and ROUGH UK gets an exclusive insight as to what we can expect to see in 2014.  You can view Scotts collection on


Video Production – ANDREJ ILIEV

Conceptual Idea – CUBA CHARLES

Fashion Co-ordinator – STANISLAVA SIHELSKA

Interviewer – AMALY ALFI