• With each season Maybelline seems to be revelling beauty products that really overcome my expectations. This New York company takes you to the trip to its city of origins. Truly attractive, fun and quality cosmetics that is also friendly to your wallet. Let me share with you my recent discoveries.

Its been only a few years that Ive started actually using lipsticks. And, just as every other girl, I like my lipstick to stay where it meant to – on my lips. Maybelline offers you Super Stay 14hr lipstick. Okay, lets admit it – it doesnt stay on for 14 hours exactly, but it does meet requirements to be called long-stay lipstick. Besides it has this very light formula that doesnt weight you down, instead you feel bright, fun and without having that feeling like you have too much cosmetics on you. Ive got Never-ending pick shade, but I really am looking forward to experiencing more bright, super rich colours. No fading, no dragging, no letdowns – all together – great lipstick!

For the eyes, I suggest The Rocket Volume Express Mascara. It has that Jet Glide brush with very neat Flexi-fine bristles that load on big bang volume and doesnt create any clumps. Eye lashes look sleek, smooth and even, without any efforts. This is one of my favourite mascaras this season, and it also comes Waterproof which makes it perfect for travelling to warm countries, so your eyes look just as brilliant after the pool and sun exposure.

But my gold medal goes to Superstay 10hr Tint Gloss! Now that one really lasts a while, even with eating and drinking all day long it still pulls through. Beautiful, soft and pleasant texture, youll want to use it again and again. Lasting colour. Vibrant sheen. The only thing is that it comes only in 5 shades, but I assure you that these shades are quite ultimate and even though its not a big choice youll still find at least one that will appeal to you.

So, how about me and you discover more of Maybelline – just because were worth it!

  • Photography – PHILIP SCOTT
  • Conceptual Stylist – CUBA CHARLES
  • Make Up Artist – PIPPA CROSS
  • Special Thanks to TESTBED 1 (