Photography – ANDREW HILES

 Conceptual Stylist- CUBA CHARLES;

Make Up Artist – NIKKI WOLFF


Special Thanks to TESTBED 1 – http://www.testbed1.com

I dont know where you come from but I can tell you for sure one of the hottest cosmetics brands on the markets here in London is MAC. It has certainly become an addiction of citys ladies and continues to excite us with more brilliant products.

Now Id like to suggest you few MAC products that you should definitely have in your make-up stand.

Lets start with MAC Mineralize Foundation. Thats the second foundation I used from this brand, and even though I dont use foundations too often, that one will have its permanent place amongst my cosmetics. First of all, it supplies you skin with moisture which not many foundations do, so you definitely wont have any feeling of dryness after using it, unite the opposite, youll almost feel a touch of cream when applying the foundation. And it has SPF 15, we all know how important that is during any season. But the best thing about this foundation is the look of your skin gets after application. The foundation has a perfect coverage, any imperfections you might have seem blurred, barely noticeable. Skin looks smooth and has a healthy natural glow to it. And if you are like me and have freckles on your pretty face, this miracle foundation will give your skin that smooth even tone and the freckles wont show as much. So far the best foundation I tried for this purpose. Brilliant in making your skin look flawless yet its light and moisturising. Fabulous combination.
Another product for your skin, Id like to mention, is MAC Lustre Drops. I didnt expect to like it as much, but that is something you do want to have in you make-up stand to pump your skin with that golden glow. Essentially the texture reminds of liquid gold packed in 18ml bottle. Just few tiny drops on your cheeks and your face will look more flirty, sun kissed with a tint of golden shine to it. Brilliant for hot summer nights or just hot parties.

Last but not least, MAC matte lipstick, the product that made MAC famous. Ill start with naming the quality that is most required in a lipstick – long lasting. And it really is. Dont be surprised if you fall asleep after a party without removing your make-up and wake a with your lips all dress up for another party. What I personally find extremely important is that there are whole 42 shades of this lipstick. Anything colour your heart desires is there, from soft vintage shades to bright and daring neon colours like Candy Yum-Yum, which is my latest find. Lipstick feela very soft and velvety on your lips, and smells so good you wouldnt believe. So if you want to be confident and gorgeous and not feeling a need to check if your lipstick is still there every 15 minutes, definitely go for this MAC signature product and I promise you wont regret it a minute, even if you get 10 shades at once. http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk