Kieron career path has gone from GFX Designer, Photography to Filming . Music videos  has been a massive inspiration to Kieron growing up as a youth . Music such as Prodigy and Chemical Brothers he grew up listening to.
Born and bred in Yorkshire and now based in london for period of 15 years , Kieron loves London city and for him it has always been a source of inspiration. A father of a beautiful daughter aged 4 who means the world to him. Aside that, there are other  interests such as motorsport and football that Kieron finds himself indulgening in time after time. Being a man of many talents and lover of fashion and clothes, has seen Kieron owning his own clothing label. Creativing  videos and also short films is more about exploring and going  beyond boundaries to create a cool vision where the audience are engaged and in tune with what is presented them, and this what Kieron Americk Bhamra is good at doing.


Poppy Lowdon is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle and baby writer from West Sussex. Poppy runs her own active and successful blog which covers in depth beauty, fashion and lifestyle stories (

With a loving fiance – Barney, and beautiful six month old daughter Milan who means the world to her. Poppys love for traveling means she has been very fortunate to embark on many holidays since her first time on a plane when she was 16. Her passion for traveling has taken her to countries such as India, Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey etc etc. A few of my other interests are photography, art, fashion design and music. A massive animal lover and passionately hate animal cruelty! Family is my life and my daughter has completed my family.