4 Beauty trends that steal scenes to borrow from Milan Fashion Week

After a series of shows aimed at a goal to come like you, Italy avoided any appearance of reduced beauty in favor of touches of modern glamor, trappings that catch the light and vivid bars of color that act as an antidote to aesthetics. indifference.

There is a Bob for all


The cuts cut to brush the jaw line returned with an individualized revenge in Milan, the transformations pivoting between the avant-garde style and the sensitivity of the moment, and totally polished. The model Stella Lucia offered another rebellious call over the neck to Roberto Cavalli, allowing the stylist Paul Hanlon to model his crumpled peroxide, of medium length for a back cut behind the stage, and whiten his previously dark roots, to boot. Just a few days before, the Moschino airstrip welcomed a “similar” Jackie Onassis parade, led by Kaia Gerber and her voluptuous wig coiled. The lesson? There is a place for everyone in the spectrum of closed crops.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Blowout is back

Rock 'n' Roll Blowout

The air-dried waves of recent seasons have officially found their stylized partner. The separate maids at the center in Versace were defined by their muted texture, softened crowns that gave way to slightly undone ends, the flying strands perfectly glued behind both ears in a spectacle of insouciance inspired by rockers. Call it the new header, if necessary.

Fiery Red is the hair color of the moment

Fiery Red

“Set on fire” is the mode of mane of the moment. What began as an unexpected success in Alexander Wang, where EZ changed his platinum for a ruddy repetition: “I think red is the color at this moment, it’s the one that everyone wants”, was the verdict of the model: snowball in a trio of similar metamorphoses; and, after all, three is a trend. At the Ashish show in London, a Kool-Aid mane was combined with a set of aviators at a shadow party. And as for Milan? Hanlon sought to transform Lina Hoss into a reincarnation of Ziggy Stardust, her cut of ruddy buzzing topped with a red mullet trompe l’oeil that was tinged with a fiery tangerine.

The decadent hair accessories are the new jewelry

The opulence encrusted with crystals characterized Gucci’s ornaments, where the diamond additions offered a reflective embellishment to shoulders, nipples and headdresses. The collection of contemporary crowns by Alessandro Michele was layered on the split hair at the center and the lace hijab alike, furrowing the brows and faces with a decadent and subversive sheen. Dolce also had her share of the flare, adding to her crowns and jeweled signature ornaments a galaxy of gleaming barrettes that served as the masterpiece of a model of luck: no jewelry is required.

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Italian base designer Olivia Carmignani has persistently blurred the lines dividing fashion and art. A young Italian bag brand with a sense of aesthetic conviction far beyond her years. While Olivias bags design is described as exquisite, her labour process of production is anything but basic and underscored by a refined formula of design. Olivia applauds tradition. The ‘Made in Italy’ DNA is anchored in the brand by an exhaustive approach to materiality, explosive sexuality through intelligent forms, sensual silhouettes.

“A particular model of bag, as well as the colours, ever exasperated, finely process complex. Everything is studied in detail, taking cues from what most attracts: nature. Nature in its artistic form, in its simplicity, in all its complexity, in what natural about ourselves we do every day”-Olivia Carmignani.

Olivia next move for her brand is to get her bag into a network of multi brand stores, where her customers can not only purchased online, but also to purchase our in stores where they can touch and smell their pieces.



It is a highly distinctive menswear brand that has precision and attention to detail led aesthetics. The brand in question is BLOOD BROTHER. Over time it has created a new breed of sportswear with that just appeals to a spectrum of men. Not forgetting as one of the most sought after menswear brand.

Known for its cutting edge approach to style and design, a trademark Blood Brothers is  known for. Which leads to delving into their Autumn Winter 2016 collection title Enlightenment. The collection is based on the inspiration of the industrial revolution in the 17th and 18th century. A period where there was a fierce dramatic shift in peoples everyday life and also seen as a period that  shaped the future of  Britain.  This also brings to mind when there were new modern factories and technological advances being introduced. A century where the enlightened few were at the forefront of civilisation hence the  brand draws inspiration to create a collection that embodies that period of time.

Boundaries  are  pushed in the form of introducing new purpose and mixing it with the old.  Nicholas Biela and James Waller, the founders and creative directors of Blood Brother celebrates the revolutionary ideas and willingness of those wanting to push boundaries as this has always been the DNA of the brand. The AW2016 collection positions the old and new, drawing parallels to out most recent space conquest, engineering feats, advances in medicine and most importantly the explosion of the  digital age.  We see fine bold statement polo necks, graphics with a tongue in cheek messages, which are sliced together into collages that hint at obscure scientific advancement.

As far as the above-mentioned inspiration goes of juxtapositioning the old and the new which is clearly achieved. Another area of success  of Blood Brother AW2016 collection is the colour palette. The gold glow representing the of the old  burnt umber chimney furnace and  blue of the deep heat on the molten metal.  Smart silhouettes and thick shearling coats punctuated by standout futuristic crushed silver bomber are some of the featured pieces in the collection.

Furthermore, another area of Blood Brother revolution with its AW2016 collection is the reimage of its classic joggers to a luxurious suede. Also, to depict the workmanship nature of the 17th and 18th century of the industrial time period, the brand is seen to have updated its sweater and Tshirt with pocket detailing.

Finally, this, in fact, goes to support the true essence of Blood Brother precision in able to innovate and push themselves in achieving a cutting edge and standout sartorial menswear collection.


Liat Shaaf @liatshaaf

Photography – TARAS SHYMBRA

A legend. A princess. A journey of becoming ones own. A special flower.  Kadupul. This was the magical and enthriling inspiration for SORAPOLs SS17 collection. 

The Kadupul flower, known as the Gekka Bijin, or “Beauty Under The Moon, is a legendary rare desert flower of a Cactus, which blossoms at night for just a few mesmerizing moments. The Kadupul Flower is a rare plant, and it cannot be picked without causing damage to it. It will only last for hours after being picked therefore can rarely be bought, making it priceless. 

Taketori Monogatari, an early Japanese folk tale is a story of Princess Kaguya who was discovered by a childless bamboo-cutter inside a bamboo as a baby the size of a thumb. She grew up to be a beautiful girl. Whenever Kaguya looked at the full moon, her eyes filled with tears. Burdened with longing and sadness, she was able to bare it no longer, and she revealed that she was not of this world and must return to her people on the Moon. 

These are the inspirations for SORAPOLs SS17 10-piece collection of fairy-like delicate, romantic, flowing evening dresses. Feminine and luxurious, the lacy dresses are truly worthy of a princess. In pale, pure white and black, these lovely, couture-like frocks are majestic and regal, yet playful and girly. Made of soft mesh, silvery silks and opulent organzas, and adorned with lots of flowers, delicate bead work and intricate embroidery, they are rich and enchanting. Just like a rare flower given to a celestial princess. 

The brightness and whiteness of the Kadupul flower and the sandy dunes and the inky black of night make a minimalist color pallet with the strongest effect of elegance, strength and yet contrasting feminine fragility. 

SORAPOL is a London-centric designer brand of Founder & Head Designer Sorapol Chawaphatnakul and Creative Director & British artist Daniel Lismore. The brand launched their first collection True Colours in SS12. The label quickly gained attention from the fashion press, featuring in Elle, Vogue, Tatler, GQ, Harpers Bazaar, Dazed & Confused, W Magazine and more. 

Their creations have been worn by trend setters such as Kylie Minogue, Paloma Faith, Azealia Banks, Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, to name a few.


Lia Goncalves: A precious uniqueness

A precious uniqueness, charismatic craftsmanship, mother of minimalism, minimalism that unites each of her collection inspired by not just her environment but by the outside element and also by the things unseen. This how we like to describe in word the jewelleries of Lia Gonçalves, the Portuguese base jewellery designer who have been well prepared through education and talent to create some of out of this world jewelleries from her studio in Portugal.

Her artist formation, base on traditional techniques working exclusively in sterling silver with finish options of natural silver, bleached, golden, oxidized and golden rose, reaching her well defined personal style and shapes and sometimes intimist.she pride herself in paying attention to detail and this is evidence in all her piece and are all handmade.

Her new collection is the CORAL collection, inspired by the natural coral collected by her father during his travels in the 80s in the red sea. The new collection comprises of neckleces, brooches, rings, and earrings. In this collection Lia explored geometry combined simplicity, line and organizes shapes.

In all, Lia Gonçalves is an art whose essence lies in the meaning that shapes the work, an investigation turned into emotional charismatic aesthetic experience.

Her collection is available to buy from selected leading stores in Portugal like scar-id store in Porto.


MORPHEW is the unique vintage brand with a twist. Pairing Vintage pieces and customized garments together – Giving Vintage a newfound sought after look! The collections include stunning silk Embroidered fringed Kimonos teamed with a customized original Chanel jacket. With an extensive range for all tastes and eras of vintage fashion, from a Yohji Yamamoto faux Fur jacket to a 1920’s beaded flapper dress and everything between the 1920s to the 1990s. Originating in their native New York, through their loyal client base they are now expanding into an international brand.

ROUGH UK: How would you describe your brand and customer?

MORPHEW: We have two different types of customer; our first has a very strong fashion sense and zest for fashion and life. The other is the woman who admires the vintage look,and also appeals to women who have a sense of history!

R.UK: In what direction would the brand like to go in?

MORPHEW: We hope to expand by having locations in Los Angeles and London

R.UK:What was the idea/inspiration behind the brand?

MORPHEW: Well we have a very art background I was born in the UK and brought up in Canada. My family was from New York and I went to school in Florida so very cultural and arts background, visited lots of museums my mother always carries two pairs of earrings in her purse you know she is that kind of woman.I have a lot of influences growing up around those different tastes and cultures and this is reflected in the Morphew brand.

For me it’s not about the labels as such it’s about the history of why they were wearing at the time and what was happening to women in that era. That’s what defines vintage fashion for me and that’s my passion. The world is a very sad and ugly place and we want to make it prettier one piece at a time.

We have such a rich history of the past, which I love sharing and awakening people to the beauty of bygone eras. So that it is inspirational to the future generations. That’s what drives me to bring it forward to the public.


  • With each season Maybelline seems to be revelling beauty products that really overcome my expectations. This New York company takes you to the trip to its city of origins. Truly attractive, fun and quality cosmetics that is also friendly to your wallet. Let me share with you my recent discoveries.

Its been only a few years that Ive started actually using lipsticks. And, just as every other girl, I like my lipstick to stay where it meant to – on my lips. Maybelline offers you Super Stay 14hr lipstick. Okay, lets admit it – it doesnt stay on for 14 hours exactly, but it does meet requirements to be called long-stay lipstick. Besides it has this very light formula that doesnt weight you down, instead you feel bright, fun and without having that feeling like you have too much cosmetics on you. Ive got Never-ending pick shade, but I really am looking forward to experiencing more bright, super rich colours. No fading, no dragging, no letdowns – all together – great lipstick!

For the eyes, I suggest The Rocket Volume Express Mascara. It has that Jet Glide brush with very neat Flexi-fine bristles that load on big bang volume and doesnt create any clumps. Eye lashes look sleek, smooth and even, without any efforts. This is one of my favourite mascaras this season, and it also comes Waterproof which makes it perfect for travelling to warm countries, so your eyes look just as brilliant after the pool and sun exposure.

But my gold medal goes to Superstay 10hr Tint Gloss! Now that one really lasts a while, even with eating and drinking all day long it still pulls through. Beautiful, soft and pleasant texture, youll want to use it again and again. Lasting colour. Vibrant sheen. The only thing is that it comes only in 5 shades, but I assure you that these shades are quite ultimate and even though its not a big choice youll still find at least one that will appeal to you.

So, how about me and you discover more of Maybelline – just because were worth it!

  • Photography – PHILIP SCOTT
  • Conceptual Stylist – CUBA CHARLES
  • Make Up Artist – PIPPA CROSS
  • Special Thanks to TESTBED 1 (http://www.testbed1.com)


Not much  is really talked about when it comes to fashion,talent and creativity with the Mediterranean side of the world. The West and pretty much the rest of the world somehow seem to not pay so much attention.
The Mediterranean as we have discovered is hiding a lot of non-discovered and talented fashion designers. It is about time that these unheard of talented creatives had their work exposed to the world to see. As Tina Pencinger puts it They need a push, a bit of the wind in their sales, to spread their talent around the world Tina is a fashion blogger who recently launched her fashion blog,  GOLDEN MED GIRL www.goldenmedgirl.com which is  solely dedicated to all things fashion when it comes to the Mediterranean. She hoping to use this newly launched platform to create the awareness and fiercely promote  the fashion talents and lifestyle in that part of the world which to her sometimes feels its either forgotten by the West.
It is also important to note that Tina through her blog aims to address her audience all around the world of the love for the uniqueness of style and fashion of the Mediterranean people which is linked to their sense of life. ROUGH UK delves in more in this exclusive Q&A with Tina
TINA PENCINGER: I follow fashion since I was a little girl. I was collecting Vogue magazine for years and since fashion and lifestyle blogs have appeared Ive been following it. At some stage, I have decided to write a blog and I do it in English to spread my fashion thoughts from Mediterranean to the rest of the world. I simply found a niche while researching the Mediterranean market. I live at the shore of Adriatic Sea as the part of Mediterranean. We simply live the Mediterranean life, we breathe it, we feel it. I thought why people around the world could not discover more about it through my blog.
ROUGH UK: Do you think the Mediterranean has a potential to have a bigger influence in worlds fashion?
T.P:  Definitely. The Mediterranean has a potential to leave a bigger trade in worlds fashion. As the entire world comes to Mediterranean for holidays and many even stay to live there, we should use that advantage in the area of fashion. There are numerous non-discovered fashion designers and artists that find their inspiration in Mediterranean. They just need a small push from their nest to make something big. Maybe even my blog could be a platform for them to present their work to the world. I always loved progressive people with original and creative ideas. They point themselves out among millions of others. They show how important their personality is and how different they area from copy/paste ideas from many shop windows. I find myself different and unique and I am trying to present such people on my blog.
ROUGH UK: Still, is Mediterranean fashion and lifestyle changing under influence from outside the region or it is still enough exotic and original?
T.P:  From my point of view I would say the Mediterranean lifestyle is changing. People in Croatia, for example, could not wait for Scandinavian company Ikea to come to Zagreb. They were waiting in queues to buy furniture. Architecture is also changing under influence from the rest of the continent. Fashion in Mediterranean sometimes becomes boring and of a mass production. There is no much individuality and personality.That might be one of the reasons why I decided to launch the blog to scream to the world that there is still some originality and magnificent beauty in Mediterranean. One needs only to find it, to discover it. And, here I participate from my side to help in that sense.
ROUGH UK: Is there a lack of projects in the Mediterranean area that connect Mediterranean as a region?
T.P:  Yes, indeed. When I think of Mediterranean there are very few projects that put the Mediterranean together as a region and to have a joint presentation towards the world. I know there were Mediterranean Games,then some other smaller projects. There is also Mediterranean Fashion Prize organized by Mediterranean Fashion Institute in Marseille. And thats it. Designers, models, artists, journalists, bloggers, entrepreneurs and others that participate in creating a lifestyle of 19 Mediterranean countries should cooperate more in presenting their work through joint projects. Thats to digitalisation the world is small, the life is fast and if better connected we could together do much more. And that way would do it on an easier way.


Top – Bottom:  Kilesa | Daisy Milano | Antipina | Aelenore Research

I have been taught never to allow myself to be a captive of the environment I find myself, for a while now I have become a willing slave to my captors. I don’t want to ever be free; the world of my captors has become my world and their family, my family. Like sin, this place, the journey has become part of me it will take only a miracle to shake me off from this spell that I love and makes me feel like the place I used to live where we were all little

Here I have found my vocation. Pursuit and pleasure. All in all this really is paradise except for one thing, desire is desire wherever you go, the sun will not bleach it nor the tides wash it away.

It is the freaking “made in Italy” effects, for some people it is all about the tangibles, the high quality made in Italy bags, shoe, clothes and the tasty food. For me is about the emotion the feeling you get from smell of a natural tan leather from Tuscany, the wake to the aroma of coffee from a coffee shop in Napoli, the feeling of happiness when you touch and feel genuine silk fabric in Como, the feasting on the large table with friends with each one of you laughing and helping each other out on the feasting table. This, is made in Italy; it is an emotion, an experience, but to the Italians it is a way of life, and these experiences is an infusion of history, love, happiness, culture all embedded in an edible bite, or in a shoe, a bag, a cloth so you feel the emotion, an experience you will never forget. I call it the made in Italy effect.

So when next you are in Italy do not be satisfied with the tags on that eye catchy bag, feel the emotions, feel the love, the years of experience put into creating that piece that have caught your attention, try to imagine the laborious hands putting the pieces together, be inspired.

Talking about being inspired Italian brands inspiring people with their stories and helping people go through emotional journey by aiming at perfection are:


Kilesa is end product of a passionate search for balance and beauty in a product that is elegant and refined. It present itself in extravagant colour and it is imaginative; each piece is a luxury item that best help determined women with self-confidence.


D’ASY Milano.

D’ASY Milano bags is a class without any ostentation; it is the current reinterpretation of the classic and custom, set out to deviate from pre-established models her designs are timeless and epitomize ‘made in Italy’. The brand is created by two friends who are inspired by the world of art and myth.

Facebook:D’asy Milano


The ANTIPINA BAGS is as embodiment of poetic curves and rustic antiquity, it is an expression of a woman’s passion and her inner beauty inspired by the beautiful city of Florence.

Website: antipina.it


AELEONORE Research represent the classy Italian style it marries tradition with contemporaneity classicism and avant-garde design, the brand puts materials at the forefront to create a collection of bags and accessories that possess a fresh and extremely personal aesthetic with a strong ethos for made in Italy.


One advice, FEEL ITALY!


Image credit source:   Harpers Bazaar, Pinterest

It is safe to say Charlotte Tilbury is fast becoming one of the biggest beauty brands on the market right now. Her range of stunning, luxurious beauty products are sought after by more and more women everyday. From her exquisite matte lipsticks to her blushing palettes, there will definitely be something you will want.

Now who is Charlotte Tilbury? Well, a make up artist of course. Tilbury grew up with her parents Patsy and Lance in Ibiza were she spent all of her younger days, until she was 9 years old when she came to England and resided at a boarding school. This was where Tilbury first got a taste of the make up industry.

“Makeup literally changed my life. I put on mascara and the whole world’s reaction to me changed. I remember feeling kind of hurt about that. And then I realised, actually, I’m just like everybody else.”- Charlotte Tilbury

She first properly experimented with make up when she attended Glauca Rossi School of Make up in London. She was lucky enough to shadow make up artist Mary Greenwell as her assistant, where she learnt many things. After years of experimenting, in 2012 she created a how-to YouTube channel where she provided video tutorials on applying different beauty products in her own signature way. Once she had gained a strong following, in summer 2013 she decided it was time to launch her Charlotte Tilbury make up collection to London Selfridges. The company itself was only founded in 2011 with a few investors backing her brand. Some of the products in her collection she had previously used on models backstage at fashion shows she had attended. She now travels far and wide to many red carpet events, fashion shows and advertising campaigns to style the faces of the models and her collection can now be found in many places, including Harvey Nicholls, John Lewis and Net-a-Porter.

“I remember she used to babysit for Penny Rich, who was a beauty editor and so she had all these cosmetics at home,”said her mum Patsy.    “Shed give them to Charlotte, and Charlotte would do makeup for all the girls at school and then sell the rest off for pocket money. She was always very resourceful. You cant keep those redheads down.

There are no negatives with makeup, only positives,”says Tilbury. “None of us are perfect, and thank god. But why not look as gorgeous as you can possibly look? Actresses and models know that looking the best they possibly can will increase their success. I want to bring that awareness to women everywhere.”

My favourite products from the CT collection are:

Charlottes Magic Cream– A cream made by Charlotte herself and originally used backstage on models. Amazing for dry skin that needs revitalising leaving skin looking fabulous.

B*tch perfect lipstick – A creamy stain finish formula lipstick with warm pink and coral undertones leaving lips smooth and hydrated. It applies perfectly on the lips not leaving any heavy marking.


London based Phillipa, who studied at Central St Martins and Chelsea College of Art and Design, has exhibited internationally. Her solo shows have been presented in London, Berlin and Hong Kong, whilst her recent group exhibitions include ‘Peeping Tom’ at KAdE, Amersfoot, Netherland, and ‘Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market,’ at the Tate Modern in our capital city.  However her creative abilities stretch beyond just her artistic brilliance as she also has strong links to music and fashion.; we caught up with Phillipa, late Alexander Mcqueen’s muse to talk on her new collection:

Phillipa the t-shirts are fantastic – what was the inspiration behind them?

The image on the t-shirts came from a 3 meter oil painting that I began as part of the Score series. It hasnt been an easy decision to show it but I thought if Im going to exhibit a figurative nude it has to be of a male, which unfortunately is still a spectacle in art. Art history and contemporary culture are saturated with images of nude women. I walked around the National Gallery yesterday and noticed how it contains many paintings of nude women, such as Francesco Hayezs 1850 painting of Susanna at her Bath and Diego Velázquezs The Toilet of Venus, but noticeably fewer of the male nude and certainly none by female painters. There is something very beautiful and contemporary about the long-gone and restored slashes inflicted by the suffragettes on to such paintings, such as Mary Richardsons Fontana-like slashes to Venus back in The Toilet of Venus. They remind me of the metal staples and instrument strings that I use to perforate my own canvas. The Haribo sweets themselves function as runes, even amulets, of a sugar rush pop culture ejaculating spectacle. Nudes of any description were rare in seventeenth-century Spanish art, which was actively policed by members of the Spanish Inquisition. These days we have no such official inquisition but the male nude still remains hidden away, as if deemed offensive or lewd, whereas the nude female graces every fashion magazine, tabloid, top shelf and billboard around the country. There is nothing wrong with this per se; whats wrong is the inequality.

ROUGH loves the fact that you can move and detach the Haribo is it important for you to allow buyers to express themselves through the t-shirts?

Its great to be able to contribute to a work of art, not through vandalism like Mary Richardson but by having the rare and novel freedom to put your individual fingerprint on a work.

VITRINE Bermondsey Street is committed to presenting emerging art practices.  Was this an important factor when making the decision to work with them?

I think modern is more important than emerging, art that evolves and discusses what it means to be an artist and to display and exhibit art in progressive and critical ways. I had a studio that was once an old butchers shop in the Blue market in Bermondsey around the same time that Vitrine started. I would curate exhibitions there, so I have a

shared context and geographical connection with the area, its locals and its artists, and I recognised a similar mentality in Vitrine.

Hariboy is part of Score.  How long have you been working on this?

My whole life. All my work is a by product of thoughts, conversations and experiences that have taken me a lifetime to accumulate.

Are you looking forward to exhibiting at the infamous Saatchi Gallery?

Yes of course, its a different and new platform for the work.

You have exhibited all over the world.  What has been your favourite place?

Bermondsey street of course!

Your artistic talent is very unique.  Does your personal fashion style reflect this?

Ive been told by friends who work in fashion that nobody would wear the clothes that I do, so I guess so… I think it was a compliment?!

What are your favourite sweets?

I dont eat sweets anymore, but I love the way they look.

‘Hariboy’ is part of ‘Score’; a body of work produced by Phillipa Horan that will be available to view at Saatchi Gallery later this year.



Maria Francesca Milans motto is “live your life with humor, and a little bit of seduction”. Maria, a talented Italian designer,  created a brand that is all about  catching an experience and conveying it in the most original and suggestive shapes. Pouring her heart and soul into her collections, Maria creates the most femenine and exciting creations that empower women at every age. Maria has agreed to take some time to answer ROUGH UK quick Q&A.

ROUGH UK: Thank you for taking the time to answer our short Q&A. your Carousel of Life collection is full with wonderful prints and vibrant colors, constructed shapes and expressive textures. You were inspired by the many faces of a woman, at every age and the real essence of being a woman. How would you describe The Woman of your brand? Who do you design for?

MARIA FRANCESCA MILANI: In my collections, as you already said, the protagonist is the woman and her thousand faces .In Carousel of life I chose as inspiring muse Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini, a famous Italian fashion collector, because thank to her charm embodies the stereotype of woman i want to dress.

For me woman lives life with humor ,without giving up to seduction , wearing clothing that recall lingerie . A mix between vintage and modern, sportwear and haute couture, blended in an explosion of colours , for elegant woman but at the same time free from any society prejudice. Differently , shapes are inspired from iconical apparel of a tribe in Senegal .

 R.UK:  What is your inspiration for your next collection (2016)? What influences you?

M.F.M: For the new collection chic & shock I was inspired by a travel I took to New York ; I was  inspired by the American contemporary art, by geometrical shapes of the city, by a so urban style, that is so fashion and shocking at the same time. Eccentricity and simplicity that show in everyone the chic side of night life (elegant and glamour ) ..I found the right mix of elements that connects to my initial concept of style contamination .. I used it and i translated all these new styles mixing them thanks to my personal experience, touch.New York for me is life, i feel her strong and full of personality. What I want to communicate through my fabric printings is just this. Simple cuts, few tissue, overlap, the minimal, but at the same time something chic and sophisticated, taking care of each minimum details, of finishing, embroideries,

R.UK: How do you incorporate your rich Italian heritage into your designs? How do you mix that distinctive romantic and elegant, and oh-so-chic Italian flare and charisma with your designs and with modern shapes and fabrics?

M.F.M: For the creation of my collections I take my inspiration from the Ancient  Italian tailoring  tradition, in order to produce unique and customized clothing . To have a more fresh and contemporary mark, I enrich my clothing with embroideries and feathers. My idea is that of melt different styles in the same product, to combine the comfortable, practical style and something  that is elegant, glamour and exclusive at the same time , to allow every woman to be well dressed in each situation . This line has been designed for all-day woman , sporty and practical but also glamour and rebel .
R.UK: Can you describe your creative process? How do you transform an idea or an inspiration into a work of art, into a creation?

M.F.M: My projects springs up in the daily life, when I walk through the city, when I work ,when I play with my nephews… Its like an interior journey, a deep travel in my emotions , as joy, sadness, euphoria , anger.. I combine all these emotions and I connect them to a specific historical period, a strong concept, thanks to i convey all my feelings. Inspiration may start from an ethical tribe , or an important moment in our history or simply from our actuality. Then, ahead of my sheet I start drawing what I feel within. Sometimes my drawing dont have an immediate meaning , sometimes my ideas are immediately clear .

R.UK: What are your plans for your brand for the coming years? How do you see Maria Francesca Milani in 5 or 10 years from now?

M.F.M: In 5-10 years I see the realization of my dreams, a consolidated company,with the introduction of kid and Men collection
R.UK: What would be a normal, regular day at the office? What do you do when you first come into the office in the morning?

M.F.M: My working day is completely out of the office. I usually wake up early and after a quick bath and breakfast I go out with Viktor,  my lovely dog,to have a walk . This is a relaxing moment in which i only look all around me , to caught urban life around me , simply source of inspiration for me and my creations .Then I plan my visit to fabric companies , looking for exclusive and original materials , able to give a shape to my ideas .

Sometimes I only want to escape from ordinariness and I go to the train station and I take a train ,without a planned destination . Sometimes I visit other cities or visit Museum , Art galleries or fashion exhibitions , to keep me up to new trends. In the afternoon , when I come back to my office I make a rough sketch of new models and i let my emotions and ideas drive me to the final result .I think that office is not the best place to work , i.e. I love to draw on a train, in a bar, on a park bench.

R.UK: Whats on your playlist when you are designing?

M.F.M: When I create my collection usually I create in my office a relaxing atmosphere , thanks to natural sounds , or sometimes i listen music ,without genre preferences. So I can escape from the reality , melting my soul and my emotions in an unique project.


If you thought the first collaboration of Cherevichkiotvichki with the Yohji Yamamoto for their Femme collection was a hit, think again. Victoria Andrejeva, creative force behind the utterly unpronounceable brand, Cherevichkiotvichki, and the high fashion Japanese house are working together on a first men’s footwear collaboration collection. Now that is sure to give the first collaboration a run for its money. 

The “Cherevichkiotvichki for Yohji Yamamoto” creations are made with the best of the old-as-time Italian craftsmanship and in the artful tradition of the of footwear crafting, combined with the technical palette of the “master tailor’s” new collection. The three hand-crafted styles of shoes and accessories complement and enhance the rough beauty of Yohji Yamamotos Homme SS17 2017 runway presentation. 

The capsule collection features two types of shoes and leather bracelets. Borrowing from the ladies, the favorite low derby shoe, presented for the women’s collection the previous season, got a manly-man make-over to complete the mens rugged look.  The second style, the mid-length boot, now comes in a traditional Cherevichkiotvichki walnut dyed canvas and heavily waxed camel hide with a front curved zipper. Oh, yum! 

You might have to wait a while before you can get your hands on these delightful babies. The collaboration pieces will become available only in early 2017 and will be sold exclusively available in the Yohji Yamamoto stores and selected boutiques. Though you might want to get in line or on a waiting list right now, though, because these will just walk off the shelves before they even get there, if we are correct. They got us drooling…


Scott Fraser Simpson is one of the few British designers whose products are 100% made in England. Having started in summer 2013, the Duffle Bag is just the beginning of the Scott Fraser collection, where multi- functional practicality is apparent. The ‘Retrospective Modernism’ concept is what influences the designer, as the heritage brand has a vintage yet modern feel. Exploring different materials, colour palettes and textures, Scott Simpson has a strong eye for detail which is reflected in his designs.

Men are increasingly focused on their appearance and Simpson picks up on that, by aiming to produce a collection that is suitable for all occasions. From work, to going to the gym or going to a bar, the gap between work and socialising is getting smaller for the modern man, and the Duffle Bag is just the start on catering for their needs. Adding a vintage vibe to a smart- casual clothes range, the Scott Fraser collection will be a clothing range that men will need to look out for. Plans to extend the Scott Fraser collection from bags to clothing are underway, and ROUGH UK gets an exclusive insight as to what we can expect to see in 2014.  You can view Scotts collection on  http://www.scottfrasercollection.com


Video Production – ANDREJ ILIEV

Conceptual Idea – CUBA CHARLES

Fashion Co-ordinator – STANISLAVA SIHELSKA

Interviewer – AMALY ALFI


ROUGH UK this month teamed up with models from M+P (Top – bottom) Colvin, Catia, Sang, Lin, Hugoand Irenka to get photographed exculsively for this monts ROUGH PROFILE. It was fun to capture the models in their own state of mind and candid form.  The shoot also features the different attributes and facets of the models which some how makes them individuals in their own right.

All clothing by BOLONGARO TREVOR

  • Photograpghy – PHILIP SCOTT
  • Styling –  CUBA CHARLES
  • Assistant Stylist – ISABEL WEEKS
  • Make up Artist / Grooming – SIAN DUKE  & KEIKO NAKAMURA

Models – Colvin, Catia, Sang, Lin and Irenka @ M+P MODELS.


Ah, what hasnt been said about the 80s… and what hasnt already been said about New York… Iconic decade, full of idols as Madonna and Michael Jackson, and Iconic city. The Big Apple, Manhattan. We can appreciate being nostalgic, going back to the future… or rather, going bags to the future, as Manhattan Portage calls their latest bags collection, which is as iconic as its inspiration, paying homage to its roots in time and in place.

Manhattan Portages four-piece 80s collection comprises bags come in classic designs for every occasion, with a fresh and bright color scheme and printed eighties-inspired lining in comics style, of milestones of the 80s  such as the Walkman, Rubiks Cubes, Cassette Tapes and Turntables. Ah, great times… 

The 80s Big Apple Backpack is a classic style must have, sits easily and comfortably on your shoulders carrying all of your essentials while you are running errands throughout town. It features spacious main zippered compartment, front roomy compartment with dual zippers for smaller items, easy carry handle on top of bag, padded shoulder lined with non-slip coating, and it is water-resistant. Perfect for city people.  

You dont have to be an ally cat to wear the Allycat. The ultimate hands free solution for commuters, the 80s Alleycat Waist Bag has an adjustable nylon strap with buckle closure, small zippered pocket on front for small items, zippered main compartment large enough for wallet, camera, iPod and other daily necessities and is water resistant. Perfect for riding a bike or freeing your hands to carry groceries, or your shopping, or a picnic basket on your way to the park on a sunny afternoon. 

This best stylish and practical accessory just perfect for spare change, keys, even jewelry and phone, the 80s Coin Purse is a small but versatile companion. Plus its pop vibe 80s memorabilia print is sure to put a smile on your face. 

And if it is a messenger bag you are looking for, one that changes its size according to your needs, go with the 80s Europa ipurse-friendly that doubles its depth by simply unzipping the surrounding zipper. It also has a unique back pocket which can be unzipped and reattached to rolling suitcases. 

Manhattan Portage is “an original pioneer of the authentic messenger bags which created a new, urban lifestyle and changed the face of fashion forever…  Manhattan Portage remains loyal to their NYC roots… the Manhattan Portage line has developed to serve all walks and runs of urban life… Manhattan Portage owns “New York Tough.” Its become part of our history and its in our DNA”. 

Well, now you can go bags in time to the iconic 80s and feel in New York everywhere in the world.



Photography – ANDREW HILES

 Conceptual Stylist- CUBA CHARLES;

Make Up Artist – NIKKI WOLFF


Special Thanks to TESTBED 1 – http://www.testbed1.com

I dont know where you come from but I can tell you for sure one of the hottest cosmetics brands on the markets here in London is MAC. It has certainly become an addiction of citys ladies and continues to excite us with more brilliant products.

Now Id like to suggest you few MAC products that you should definitely have in your make-up stand.

Lets start with MAC Mineralize Foundation. Thats the second foundation I used from this brand, and even though I dont use foundations too often, that one will have its permanent place amongst my cosmetics. First of all, it supplies you skin with moisture which not many foundations do, so you definitely wont have any feeling of dryness after using it, unite the opposite, youll almost feel a touch of cream when applying the foundation. And it has SPF 15, we all know how important that is during any season. But the best thing about this foundation is the look of your skin gets after application. The foundation has a perfect coverage, any imperfections you might have seem blurred, barely noticeable. Skin looks smooth and has a healthy natural glow to it. And if you are like me and have freckles on your pretty face, this miracle foundation will give your skin that smooth even tone and the freckles wont show as much. So far the best foundation I tried for this purpose. Brilliant in making your skin look flawless yet its light and moisturising. Fabulous combination.
Another product for your skin, Id like to mention, is MAC Lustre Drops. I didnt expect to like it as much, but that is something you do want to have in you make-up stand to pump your skin with that golden glow. Essentially the texture reminds of liquid gold packed in 18ml bottle. Just few tiny drops on your cheeks and your face will look more flirty, sun kissed with a tint of golden shine to it. Brilliant for hot summer nights or just hot parties.

Last but not least, MAC matte lipstick, the product that made MAC famous. Ill start with naming the quality that is most required in a lipstick – long lasting. And it really is. Dont be surprised if you fall asleep after a party without removing your make-up and wake a with your lips all dress up for another party. What I personally find extremely important is that there are whole 42 shades of this lipstick. Anything colour your heart desires is there, from soft vintage shades to bright and daring neon colours like Candy Yum-Yum, which is my latest find. Lipstick feela very soft and velvety on your lips, and smells so good you wouldnt believe. So if you want to be confident and gorgeous and not feeling a need to check if your lipstick is still there every 15 minutes, definitely go for this MAC signature product and I promise you wont regret it a minute, even if you get 10 shades at once. http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk


A.P.C. have collaborated with designer Vanessa Seward on a 19-piece capsule collection for Autumn/Winter 2012.

Meeting through a mutual admiration for each other’s designs, A.P.C. designer Jean Touitou and Vanessa Sewards collaboration seems like a case natural progression.

As  with A.P.C. the fabrics are key to this collection; retaining the spirit of each designer Jean and Vanessa sourced fabric from the archive holders of what used to be Soieries Abraham, the clean lines of A.P.C .mixed with Vanessas love of glamour and dressing. Vanessas style gives the A.P.C. look much more femininity, a sexier edge without the use of tailoring, the waist for example is always belted and higher while the shoulder remains narrower and dainty, “quiet glamour” as A.P.C like to call it.

Fabrics used in the collection are of the highest-quality while remaining true to A.P.C.s philosophy and awareness of the fashion societys economy at this time; finished garments have been produced in artisan units in Italy and France.


Items include tops, tunic dresses, blouse dresses and an all in one short playsuit.



Comestics by Bobby Brown


Conceptual Stylist:  CUBA CHARLES

Make up Artist: NORA BELOVAI


With thanks to TESTBED 1 http://www.testbed1.com

Lets talk about Bobbi. Bobbi who? Bobbi Brown, of course. Now I am still familiarising myself with that brand. Established by an American business woman, Bobbi Brown, the brand has quickly conquered the cosmetics market and now slowly conquering my make-up stand.

Id like to talk about few products that are certainly worth your attention and your money. To start with Ill tell you about Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick. I have only started using illuminating powers not so long ago, and for those of you who want that glowing complexion it is a perfect tool. Different brands produce their powers using either more or less of bright shimmering details in their texture. Which means that some illuminating powers should be worn during the day time, others are more suitable for evening time. When it comes to Bobbi Browns illuminating power I would definitely put it under evening make-up, it has quite enough of sparking details in its formula. It creates a lit-from-within glow plus a hint of pretty pink. If you do insist to wear it day time, you can wear it as a blush. This will certainly make your face more bright and playful. And for an evening time, cover all your face lightly with the power and it will create an absolutely beautiful glowing effect.

Next is Bobbi Brown eye shadows from their Navy & Nude Eye Collection. For those of you who prefer that natural look and still want to accent their eyes for day or night time this palette is a must have. This latest palette is packed with eight skin tone-inspired shadows, including sparkle, shimmer and metallic shade – plus the perfect hue of inky blue (that doubles as an eyeliner). These combination of colours allows to look sophisticated at work and be a glamorous yet natural beauty at the evening time. If you keep it in your purse youll be able to easily transform you day look into a night one.

As every make-up finishes with putting on a lipstick or lip gloss – here are some options that Bobbi Brown offers to you. First, a brand new Sheer Lip Color lipstick. It has a lightweight formula for lips that delivers an effortless wash of colour plus nourishing shine. It has luxurious butters and oils in its formula that improve the overall condition of lips. Glides on smoothly and evenly, and, believe me, your lips will have that smoothness and softness to them that you (and yours somebody) wont be able to get enough of. It comes in creamy and shimmery shades, so youll have plenty of choices.

And one more treat for your lips is Bobbi Browns Lip Gloss. The product itself is not new, but the new shades are now available and the brand has has sized up all their glosses to give you an extra dose of shine. Great thing about this lip gloss is formulated with soothing botanical extracts – including Avocado, Jojoba and Chamomile Oils, and Aloe Extract – to keep lips soft and supple. This has been my number one lip gloss for a few month now and I highly recommend it. Plus, it has a gorgeous scent with a hint of Vanilla.

So go ahead, pick and grab your “Bobby” and enjoy it as long as it lasts.


Comestics by Bobby Brown


With thanks to TESTBED 1 http://www.testbed1.com


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