NOTIC NASTIC are a Berlin based band with a very unique sound and a strong message.  The sound is a mixture of gritty electro pop with a strong beat and passionate lyrical content.  Their message is one of unity, of freedom of speech and thought.

Berlin fashion week 2013 saw NOTIC NASTIC join forces by performing live on the runway with uber cool vegan brand UMASAN, to create a powerful visual and lyrical message.

ROUGH was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with NOTIC NASTIC on the collaboration.

How did you end up collaborating with UMASAN?

We heard about UMASAN through a friend of ours who is also vegan. We went over to their studio to visit them and see what they were up to and it was like a love at first sight.

What was the best thing about working with them?

We have a similar vision about style and we have a similar mission about living on the planet and how to do it respectfully.  Its easy for us to understand each other.

UMASAN is always thinking of sustainability and earth consciousness when choosing fabrics.  Is this important to you?

Yeah, that is very important to us.  As artists we knew that we wanted to put our energies into working with other artists or companies in order to further an idea; the idea that you can live with respect and awareness. One of the first ways to do this is to purchase differently. Money is so powerful; buying with awareness is actually a kind of revolution in its self, because it has the power to make massive changes if it catches on to the masses.

ROUGH knows NOTIC NASTIC are also a strong supporter of animal rights – did this help to influence your decision to work with the brand?

Yeah, it’s all part of the same package. As vegans, we do not strictly work with other vegans – that would be pretty limiting! However, it becomes very complete and whole when we can work with a label like UMASAN, because we share the same values from the ground up.

Hypnokiss is a great runway track!  What was the inspiration behind it?       

It reminds me of travelling through the desert and ghosts.

Fashion and Music are a great mix – do you want to work with other brands in the future?

As long as they represent what we represent ethically and stylistically.

Did you enjoy Berlin Fashion Week?

Yes, it can be a little wild and we are all a bit shy in a way, but it is fun to get dressed up and we like to go to the shows and suck in the atmosphere.  We usually only go when we are working at a show, cause we love our work!

Do you find that your style and your music influence one another?

They are probably one and the same.  We are very stylish people in a way but we dont try too hard for trends or anything. Mainly we are born artists and so it just comes out.  Does that sound funny? I think its just how it is.

Whats next for NOTIC NASTIC?

We think that we’ll see your faces more and more.  And that you will see ours.

NOTIC NASTIC’s featured song at the UMASAN show; HYPNOKISS is available for free download now: