Image credit source:   Harpers Bazaar, Pinterest

It is safe to say Charlotte Tilbury is fast becoming one of the biggest beauty brands on the market right now. Her range of stunning, luxurious beauty products are sought after by more and more women everyday. From her exquisite matte lipsticks to her blushing palettes, there will definitely be something you will want.

Now who is Charlotte Tilbury? Well, a make up artist of course. Tilbury grew up with her parents Patsy and Lance in Ibiza were she spent all of her younger days, until she was 9 years old when she came to England and resided at a boarding school. This was where Tilbury first got a taste of the make up industry.

“Makeup literally changed my life. I put on mascara and the whole world’s reaction to me changed. I remember feeling kind of hurt about that. And then I realised, actually, I’m just like everybody else.”- Charlotte Tilbury

She first properly experimented with make up when she attended Glauca Rossi School of Make up in London. She was lucky enough to shadow make up artist Mary Greenwell as her assistant, where she learnt many things. After years of experimenting, in 2012 she created a how-to YouTube channel where she provided video tutorials on applying different beauty products in her own signature way. Once she had gained a strong following, in summer 2013 she decided it was time to launch her Charlotte Tilbury make up collection to London Selfridges. The company itself was only founded in 2011 with a few investors backing her brand. Some of the products in her collection she had previously used on models backstage at fashion shows she had attended. She now travels far and wide to many red carpet events, fashion shows and advertising campaigns to style the faces of the models and her collection can now be found in many places, including Harvey Nicholls, John Lewis and Net-a-Porter.

“I remember she used to babysit for Penny Rich, who was a beauty editor and so she had all these cosmetics at home,”said her mum Patsy.    “Shed give them to Charlotte, and Charlotte would do makeup for all the girls at school and then sell the rest off for pocket money. She was always very resourceful. You cant keep those redheads down.

There are no negatives with makeup, only positives,”says Tilbury. “None of us are perfect, and thank god. But why not look as gorgeous as you can possibly look? Actresses and models know that looking the best they possibly can will increase their success. I want to bring that awareness to women everywhere.”

My favourite products from the CT collection are:

Charlottes Magic Cream– A cream made by Charlotte herself and originally used backstage on models. Amazing for dry skin that needs revitalising leaving skin looking fabulous.

B*tch perfect lipstick – A creamy stain finish formula lipstick with warm pink and coral undertones leaving lips smooth and hydrated. It applies perfectly on the lips not leaving any heavy marking.