Photography: Rustylicious Mehta (http://www.rustylicious.com)

For AW15-16 collection Alexia Hentsch is playing on the fine line between quirky and humorous, and grungy. True, the collection presents the same cuts, shapes and silhouettes we have already seen before, but what really makes the difference between mundane to “oh, cool!” is the simple yet brilliant styling. 

The collection offers knee-length wool coats, plaid wool tailored suits and plaid button down shirts in red and blue, white denim pants and printed tees,  grey tailored suit, red heavy wool knitted sweater stapled to blue and white vertical stripes pants and top, red paisley button down shirt, denim shirt under bottle green bomber jacket stapled to cobalt blue tailored pants, printed tailored suit in 2 shades of grey over a printed Hawaiian-like button down shirt, printed sweatshirts in bright red stapled to a bright red tailored pants to create an all-red look, and the same with cobalt blue. Those bright colors gave this collection a much needed humorous twist. 

The shapes and cuts are nothing new, but the accessories really made these classic yet “predictable” and “expected” looks into something with so much more attitude. The streetwear-inspired styling is what actually provided this collection with the so desirable “cool” factor and prevented this collection from falling deep into the bottomless pit of “ordinary”.  To be more specific – look at the “ends” – almost all the ensembles were accessorized with colorful beanies and colorful sneakers. Even the tailored looks. The better outfits were those with the more “interesting” combinations, like the printed grey suit stapled to printed shirt, or the red paisley button down stapled to red plaid shirt. 

So if you guys really want to get the best out of this collection, be bold and try to mix prints and colors. Go for it.