Yesterday ROUGH headed down to the Raw Skin exhibition at London’s Karin Janssen Project Space. Spring finally made an appearance so it was only necessary that we made the most of it! Raw Skin was odd, freaky, strange but at the same time disturbingly beautiful. The exhibition ‘challenged the dualistic view that the body is merely a seat for the mind.’ It delved in and researched what takes place when the ‘internal emotions start bleeding into the body and clash with the world around it.’
It featured the works of five contemporary artists. Firstly Chiho Iwase who unravels the personal discomfort and juxtaposes feelings of both comfort and distorted. Eliza Bennett whose work explores the continuous conflict that takes place between physical appearance and the values of inner self. Next I witnessed the works of Karin Janssen, again a little bizarre but explored the conflicts that the body has with the mind and the ways in which the private emotions can clashes with the external and these emotions become visible. The bold brush strokes and bold colours of Edith Meijering’s paintings unravelled the dark side psychological condition. Last but not least (my personal favourite) the photographic series of Antony Crossfield.  Crossfield blurred the boundaries of the body and the individual selves. He uses photo-manipulation and the hybrid bodies are literally fused and joined at the hip. His work constantly challenged the viewer’s gaze as you continue you notice that the bodies are isolated and each setting and surrounding is both dark and tragic.
Raw Skin did not disappoint! It challenged you to delve into the unknown. The aim was to question traditional conceptions of corporeality and our understanding of the body. However it was not for the squeamish or the faint hearted!