If you are an art lover, you know that there are some very good exhibitions that you may miss simply because the gallery may not be in your neighborhood. Well, Oana Damir created Vagabond gallery with that in mind. That and allowing young artists a platform to present their art works and give them the exposure they deserve. Damir understands that galleries today come and go very quickly, artists and art graduates struggle more and more to earn a living in their chosen path, and art institutions loose funding and support more and more. 

You see, Vagabond is a mobile gallery, a curatorial platform, aiming to showcase artistic work on a regular basis, in various venues across the South of England and internationally. The gallery is represented by a series of shows in which emerging artists are the opportunity not only to present their works, but also to engage with the local creative community to network and revitalize the arts scene. When you think about it, really, it is a win-win opportunity. Even if you are not an artist, you may realize that inspiration is all around you, that you may find inspiration in everything, and the interaction with local communities certainly qualifies as “inspiration”. The community, of course, gets to enjoy the beautiful art works, but also to understand where the artists find their motivation and form of expression, and perhaps also be inspired. 

This November, the gallery will be displaying ‘INSTANCE’, a selection of photographic work by 12 artists, themed on identity, the humanity revealed and the connections between new media and technology, art and artificiality. An indirect dialogue is formed between the artworks, and it correspondingly projects the thematic in subject. 

‘INSTANCE’ features work by Kristina Collender, Stella Asia Consonni, Anastasios Gaitanos,Johnny Horgan, Christopher Lanaway, Georgie Mason, Joseph Mayers, Robert Nemtanu, Dainius Sciuka, Russell Squires, Jennifer Welton and Luisa Whitton. It is the first exhibition to be presented within Vagabond. 

The exhibition will take place at 101 Reykjavik Icelandic Kaffibar, between 22nd and 30th November 2014. You are invited to join the curator and the artists on the launch night for the celebration event, on the 22nd November, starting at 6 PM. 

Come and show the artists your support, and aim for a wonderful evening of art and soul.