Christmas is officially over. We have all consumed way too many calories and are all desperately ensuring that we adhere to those New Years Resolution. Here at ROUGH its business as usual and we thought we would kickstart with 2014 ones to watch.

Tattoos. Etched on every other young persons body. Once deemed to be a sign of rebellion and counterculture, inked skin has now become the new normal. Whilst we admire these works of art and frown upon those that look like a toddler has had their wicked way with a biro, we tend to forget the person creating these masterpieces. When we talk about pop culture in relation to tattoos self taught Jade Chanel is the name to be on everybodys lips. Trawling through instagram i stumbled across her work. Not only is she insanely beautiful  (that kind of beauty should be illegal ) but she has made a career by fusing her two passions art and tattoos. It was imperative that we feature Jade for our first tattoo artist/ illustrator. She draws inspiration from her friends and whilst most tattooists may dream of  tatting a celebrity the humble artist would love nothing more than to etch her dad who remains one of her biggest fans.  Her unique, signature style is dot work and this is something that we admired. Jade is modest and hardworking and this interview does nothing but reinforce that. O
Tell us a little about yourself? 
JC: My name is Jade Chanel and Im a self taught artist from London. I tattoo, draw, paint.. You name it.When was your first tattoo?
JC: I got my first tattoo a few days after my 18th birthday! I had tried to get tattooed previously but I was politely told to leave the studio as I was underage! HahaWhen did you become interested in becoming a tattoo artist?
JC: Ive always loved art. Its my “thing”. From as far as I can remember, Ive always known I wanted to be an artist of some sort. I wasnt sure what path I wanted to take. About 4 years ago I got my first big tattoo.. Thats when I knew tattooing would become a huge part of my life.

 How is it working in a male dominated profession?
JC: To be honest, it scared me at first! But in todays world, theres a lot more to be scared of other than men! HahaWhere do you find your inspiration for your artwork and tattoos?
JC: I would say my friends inspire me the most. I know quite a few creative geniuses! Not in my field, but that doesnt matter. We are always throwing ideas around, inspiring and motivating each other. Its amazing! “Team work makes the dream work!”
 What is your favourite tattoo and why?
JC: I love all my tattoos equally!I always think that tattoos are personal and have a meaning behind them. Would you say thats the case for yours? 
JC: Some of them are just there because of my love for body art. Some of my tattoos have meaning behind them. The one that means the most to me is my Artemis statue. She is the Greek Goddess of hunt, wild animals, childbirth, virginity and protector of young girls, bringing and relieving disease in women.If you could tattoo anyone who would it be and why?
JC: Id love to tattoo my Dad! He loves my work but he hates the thought of being scratched by needles for hours on end. Hes a super cool, supportive father.. But him being covered in tattoos by me would be so sick!!

What gets you in the zone before either doing a tattoo or creating a piece?
JC: Music. Its a big creative jam! Oh, and I always like to eat a huge meal first. Once Im in my zone, Im stuck there for hours!

How would you describe your tattoo/ art style?
JC: Intricate, crazy and dotty!

Do you look to the art world for inspiration?
JC: Of course.. I think collectively, we all inspire each other.

Is there anything you have wanted to tattoo but havent had the chance?
JC: I draw a lot of my signature skulls. Id love to tattoo them all!

Do you keep a sketchbook?
JC: I do. I use it to mock up ideas when im on the go, otherwise I draw on random sheets of paper.

What do you think makes a good tattoo artist? Any tattoo styles which you loathe?
JC: Patience, commitment, a good eye for what looks good, practice and the desire to learn. Tattooing is very time consuming.. Each design has to be perfect to produce the perfect tattoo. Its challenging, which I love!
Styles I loathe.. Tattoos done badly!

Favourite artist in the art /tattoo world?
JC: I have many favourites! Eric Marcinizyn, Lil B, Tamara Lee, James Spencer Briggs, Miguel Ochoa, Justin Burnout & Drew Romero! To name a few!

Were you an artist before tattooing or vice versa? Do you think one influences the other?
JC: Ive always considered myself an artist. Even now, thats the title I want to keep. If im not tattooing, im drawing, painting, making collages. I like mixing it up!

Your iconic style is dot work . Do you think you will ever consider a different medium and why is this your chosen style? 
JC: I kind of stumbled across dot work a while back when I was working on some neotraditional tattoo designs. I added dots, here and there as shading, and I loved how it looked. So I ran with it. New mediums.. Im working on some big canvas pieces. All will be revealed soon!

Instagram: @jadechanelp