This year, Raindance Film Festival celebrates 21 years of independent film. But on the last day of the festival, Sunday October 6th, Raindance took it one step further by celebrating art film as well. To be more specific, Rainance took part in 25 frames – a programme of screenings and events celebrating 25 years of Film and Video Umbrella, when they screened a selection of the work of artist Dryden Goodwin.

Dryden Goodwin took the stage as he presented some of his most notable works, including the two short films “Closer” and “Poise”, both of which are commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella.

“Closer” is a exciting art film that explores the encounters we have with strangers in public places, which Goodwin puts on the edge through pointing a laser pen at these people. When presenting the film, Goodwin explained that he got the idea for it on a night he was walking in the streets of London, and suddenly realised that someone was pointing a red laser pen directly at him. This experience of a stranger deliberately pointing him out, without him knowing anything about who this person was or even what he looked like, gave him the idea to investigate it through film. The result is both fascinating and thought-provoking.

From focusing on complete strangers, Goodwin takes his art in another direction with the short film “Poise” in which he centres his attention on a group of young female divers. The film is extremely detail oriented and by shooting it in extreme close ups, Goodwin presents a different and much more intimate side of this otherwise fairly known discipline.

For a sneak peak of Dryden Goodwin’s short film, “Closer” from 2001, click here. And to watch the trailer for “Poise”, Goodwin’s 2012 short film, click here.