Film Festivals are all about celebrating film, and about looking into the future by screening upcoming films and welcoming new filmmakers. However, before we let ourselves get carried away by all the film debuts and UK premieres that are taking place at this years Raindance Film Festival, let’s turn back time about 60 years and focus on a very fascinating movement: the Beat generation.

This year’s Raindance Film Festival celebrates the Beat movement through three events that feature the work of acclaimed Beat generation film director Robert Frank. These events carry title “Robert Frank Retrospective”, and the first took place yesterday on September 29th. So why has Raindance chosen to focus their attention on Robert Frank and the Beat generation? Well, the answer is simple, and is best described by the introduction of the yesterday’s event: “Let’s face it, this particular generation of filmmakers are cool, and Raindance is cool”.

“Robert Frank Retrospective – Programme 1” featured three very different short films that all show exactly why Robert Frank is considered one of the most influential figures in photography and film. The first film was “Pull My Daisy” from 1959 that is an exclusive look into the soul of the Beat generation. It’s written and narrated by Jack Kerouac and features other important members of the Beat generations inner circle, such as Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso. The second film on the programme was “OK end here” from 1963, a beautiful short film that tells the story of a day in the life of two disconnected lovers from New York City. The last film was the experimental and non-edited documentary “One Hour” from 1990 that takes the viewer on a trip through New York City’s lower East Side.

Robert Frank Retrospective – Programme 2 takes place today, September the 30th and Programme 3 will take place on Wednesday October 2nd. Robert Frank Retrospective – Programme 2 features the three short films “This song for Jack”, “Energy & how to get it” and “Conversations in Vermont”, while Programme 3 is a screening of Frank’s first feature length film “Me and my brother”. For more information visit